Study Abroad

Study abroad is an excellent initiative for students looking beyond the traditional learning curve and a true answer to your future. An international education, with an opportunity to learn new culture, this initiative explores diverse tradition and thrilling places to visit. It’s an amazing journey to saturate the demand of the much needed hands-on experience of knowledge. Study Abroad program helps you to explore the whole world and unravel the power of knowledge and wisdom through your own ideas. Study Abroad program will be a perfect gateway to what you are seeking – Knowledge through experience.

Get what you seek?

Study abroad helps you to unturn every stone in your way to pursuit knowledge. It’s a complete package of transforming ideas, wisdom and invaluable experience.

Program Model we focus on delivering


A short term study abroad program especially summer and winter programs, where faculties will try to replicate the classroom teaching on a foreign setting, maintaining the content integrity.


Integrated or direct-enrollment model assist students seeking degree in getting an opportunity of studying abroad along with host country students and taught by the host country faculty. The program model helps students to understand the importance of cross-cultural learning and acknowledge the fundamental difference in the way of acquiring knowledge.


This model is a consolidate model of both island and Integrated program. Hybrid model will help students prevailing from non-English speaking regions. Students get to know about the host nation teachings and combine with their own subject

Field based

Field based programs offers semester and semester-long thematic programs over 40 countries across the globe. Program incorporates classroom based and field based learning programs along with independent study project. Students will be enlightened about the global issues like health, conflict transformation, ecology and development.

What are we keen on achieving through Study Abroad Program?

We believe in empowering young mind of today to make the world a better place tomorrow. We are actively looking for ways to help you acquire knowledge from across the world in its original form. A reason of pushing the idea of Study abroad program with a perspective of educating the world through Experiential Learning

Study Abroad Opportunities in INDIA

Every country brings varied experiences and importance. India is a naturally rich resource country that possess numerous unseen opportunities especially in the field of education, arts and culture to explore. India is a country of multi – cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious group which could be a best prospective mix for Study Abroad Program. India also has varied geographic landscapes, rich cultural heritage and already making great strides in economic development as well with initiatives like Make In India programs. The country is already making greater strides in streamlining of population, employment and infrastructure development. This creates a huge potential for students from foreign countries to study, interact, analyze and find optimum solutions for this globally challenging problems and learn a lot from India past history, preaching’s and believes. India is a country that could offer a lot in terms of practical exposure, interactive learning and inter-cultural understanding of past success and current issues.

Study Abroad Opportunities in SINGAPORE

Singapore education system is a product of unique, distinctive, institutional and cultural influences. Their classroom teaching is highly instructional, scripted and uniform across all levels and subjects. These factors go a long way to help explain why the educational system is especially effective in the current assessment environment.
An opportunity to seek knowledge and learn its distinctive teaching strategies from some renowned institutions like Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Technology and much more.

The wonder of Learning in MALAYSIA

Malaysia is the heart of most exciting, up-coming urban development. From its towering architecture to bustling city crowd, from sun kissed beaches to amazing nightlife, Malaysia accommodates all. The country had opened its doors for an amazing study tour adventure as it prioritized education as its major development asset. There are too many activities to do and areas to explore even for students on Study Abroad program. From countries cultural heritage, diverse food to beautiful deep water coral habitats and of course aquatic life. Students on academic projects and internship or an industrial visit, have amazing scope of revisiting and exploring knowledge and experience.

Freshness of Education in SRILANKA

Education in Srilanka has a long history that dates back almost 2 Millennia. With a literacy rate of 92% in the entire country, Srilanka is definitely cruising towards the right direction. The country has been a major tourist attraction and equally doing well in attractive educational opportunities into it. The country offers education about all of its existing resource and has been successful streamlining education for its youths and knowledge seekers across the world. You can visit Srilanka for Industrial Visits, Study Abroad program where there is a huge prospect to mingle with people, understand their culture and acknowledge their differences by learning, experiencing and exploring knowledge.

Experiencing the awe-inspiring teachings in Thailand

A country with awe inspiring architecture, holy shrines, divine natural beauty and beautiful smile of locals makes this country a unique one. Thailand could be the next big thing in your list of countries for your quest of knowledge as its unique is as many ways as possible, pretty affordable and adventurous. Thailand has numerous opportunities for people seeking knowledge and experience. Students travelling for Study Abroad could be an exciting an enriching one as the country has a lot in store for you.

Explore the realm of opportunities in China

An culturally rich and technically advanced country like China is an wonderful destination where you could land up for Study Abroad programs. May it be internship, summer term visits or an academic visit. China offers dramatic culture, epic sightseeing, mesmerizing skyscrapers and lot more. China is a vast county with geographic distinction, diversity in culture and tradition and a glorious history whose architectural heritage and teachings are passed on to the following generation. Study abroad program to china would do a world of good to your knowledge enhancement and raw practical experience. China also offers a unique combined structure especially crafted to let you have a perfect balance between learning and experience.

The know-how of Technology at Japan

Study abroad program in “The Land Of Rising Sun” – Japan, enables students to choose from a variety of academic courses. Japan has some most sought-after universities to ensure high quality education and personalized learning experience for its participants. Universities and institutions also provide avenues for meaningful cultural engagements. The scope of International Study Abroad Programs is huge from participants getting knowledge on Japan's people, culture, and language through firsthand experience and coursework. Students have several domains to choose from to take any subject as a project like Economics, Communications, cutting edge technology, innovations and advancements, science and can also immerse themselves through cultural activities and learn the valuable academic culture and teachings.

Joy of Discovery in Hong-Kong

Hong-Kong offers international students travelling from abroad for programs like Study Abroad with opportunities to build up network with top students from all over the world. You would have greater exposure of knowing the latest marketing trends, know from interactive professionals and develop a project projecting sills and technologies along with art, fashion, language and entertainment. On the outdoor interactive sessions students have a chance to teach at rural Chinese schools as well as explore mesmerizing city towers, amazing city walks, mouth-watering cuisines, high-tech cities and beautiful islands. This results in a dynamic exchange of ideas and thoughts on current global issues, international relations and covers every aspect of tradition and culture.

Pioneering wisdom at Dubai

Study Abroad program in Dubai could take your learning curve to a completely different dimension. If you are actively looking for hands-on experience and academic study exposure, Dubai should be in your list. From travelling to technology blessed cities, experiencing culture, learning business strategies and education in an immersive setting. Dubai is an Oasis of cultural mixtures and rapidly involving from a trading center into an enormous metropolis. The gulf country gives you a great way to experience the unfamiliar and an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss weather you are a learner or explorer.