About Edutourism

We are resolute towards providing quality relevant experience to students helping them to acquire knowledge and push them towards excellence. We are driven towards working together to understand your knowledge requirements and provide customized practical learning experiences from a vast spectrum of domains. Our goal is, to make you industry ready, driven towards serving the community of knowledge seekers and helping students to fulfil the ever growing need of practical exposure through tailor made educational tours . We could see that the potential young resources could be nurtured even more into a refined product by making them acquainted with practical and hands-on experience. This thought made us to explore the resources and to serve the learners community. We have learnt the micro details of Edu Tourism industry through a decade long experience in India by successfully conducting Industrial visitations and educational field trips. Our motto is that all our participants should learn and acquire invaluable knowledge out of each tour so that it proves to be an asset during the course of their lifetime. We look forward to implement the same for students by indulging them into our tailor made Edu tours and serve our sole purpose of serving the community.

Our History

Our story started more than 10 years ago, way back in Bengaluru, India Together Edu Tourism was to enhance the experience of Practical learning. With a sole idea of correlating academic knowledge with practical experience, the company was founded in India way back in the year 2007. We have looked upon the realm of endless opportunities through experiential learning, which in turn inspired us decide to impart our innovative ways into United States as well to make students explore knowledge. With around a decade long experience and understanding of Edu Tourism industry , we strive to serve the community of knowledge seekers with a dedicated team of highly creative and experienced professionals serving the company.


We strongly believe in our philosophy of stimulating one’s creative thoughts through experiential learning, as we expand our horizons to serve this ever vibrant knowledge seeking community. We firmly believe that the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through practical exposure. With confidence, we partner with educators across the world to create global education programs that blend classroom, digital and experiential learning for students. We are positive that students engage them on a deeper level, only when what you’re teaching connects to their own lives. That's why we bring every tour live through a personalized learning experience and powered by our learner’s curiosity and need.

our Vision

"Imprint Knowledge through Travel"

To become the world class specialty Edu Tourism Company By enhancing knowledge and bringing eloquent awareness to its stake holders through tours and to provide realtime information for nurturing innovative and entrepreneurial professionals and help them excel in their own domain with a practical knowledge quest.

Our Mission

"Partner Activity"

Partner actively To build extensive chores by giving out the best every time, working close with the best in the industry wanderlust professionals and deliver what we commit .


"Excite" You

Excellence Continuous Learning & innovation from world travel. Customers are the focus of everything we do. Initiative We will be Pro-active & Progressive. Team Work Together We Achieve The Best. Ethics Integrity is placed above Everything else.