Program Overview

US happens to be the largest country for game development in the world It is also known as “Mecca of Game development”. The course provides a broad overview of 3D Computer Graphics with a focus on game development. The course will begin with an outline of fundamental Computer Graphics Concepts followed by detailed walkthroughs of Digital Content Creation Tools (DCCs) including Maya, Photoshop, and Unity.

Program Outcomes

The course will provide you with a holistic view of game development, game launch, testing and postmortem. Understand and learn about the different software used, their differences and gain the experiential learning through hands on development, marketing and testing.


  • The Fundamentals of computer graphics
  • Photoshop , Maya overview
  • Designing the game
  • Introduction to Unity
  • Game concept / Art Direction
  • Sound, Design & Music
  • Prototype
  • Production
  • Character art
  • Game Launch
  • Testing
  • Postmortem.